About Us

A result of 4 years of research. Lenticolart comes to life in 2017 as a company specialized in lenticular printing with the vision of combining creativity and technology.

We offer to designers, architects and artists a technologically advanced and high profile service, with the aim of involving and exciting the recipients of communication with the potential of movement and three-dimensionality offered by this technique.

What is Lenticular printing

Imagine an advertisement that looks so real as to jump out of the print while the viewer passes by, offering a three-dimensional perspective. And if there was an announcement, a sign or poster that could give the sensation of being inside the scene to those who watch it, would this be considered something futuristic? For us all this is already reality.


Lenticular printing has been in the market for years, but with Lenticolart, thanks to new software technologies and innovative materials, we brought it to the highest quality level, in terms of depth and detail effect.

and Thickness

We meet the needs of the customer
with customized solutions.


Customed Made Frame

Solutions with a refined design to enhance and frame your lenticular panel. Italian design is combined with avant – garde technology to offer unique solutions designed to communicate, to live and dress the cities’. For your brand, for your entertainment and for your interior design.



Make up





Snap-on lightbox aluminium frames

LED backlit snap frame for a quick and easy image replacement. Suitable for situations where the overall dimensions needs to be minimized or the shape of the frame itself needs to be enhanced.

Height: 630 mm
Base: 830 mm
Depth: 22 mm
Shutter thickness: 29 mm

Fixed lightbox aluminium frames

LED backlit fixed frame. This type of support is completely customizable upon request for the available formats.
Painting of your choice or customizable.

Height: 610 mm
Base: 810 mm
Depth: 20 mm
Shutter thickness: 8 mm

Metal display totem

Self-supporting element for lenticular panel display, composed of a metal structure with diffused backlighting and with a transformer and power cable. Optional removable brochure holder and/or shelves for objects.


Height: 1850 mm
Width: 730 mm
Thickness: 40 mm
Base depth: 400 mm


Height: 800 mm
Width: 600 mm

Application Areas

Visual Retail

Design and implementation of 3D and/or Flip visual solutions in points of sales, such as interior or showcase, up to the creation of complete showcase backdrops, combining lenticular technology with contour materials that further enhance its characteristics.

Interior Design

The dynamic and three-dimensional effects allow you to show the characteristics of the product in an engaging and direct way. The illusion of three-dimensional reality is so realistic that it seems to touch the product with your hand!

Exhibitions and events

Temporary installations with great visual impact thanks to the high quality of lenticular printing. Stand out from the competition.



Tom Ford

Example of the installation for Tom Ford Eyewear brand in London, Milan and Indonesia licensed by Marcolin Spa



Boutique Fay

Example of installation in the boutique in Rome for FAY a brand of TOD’S Group.

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