What is
Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing has been in the market for years, but with Lenticolart, thanks to new software technologies and innovative materials, we brought it to the highest quality level, in terms of depth and detail effect, with print resolution at 300dpi.


3D Reality Effect

The REALITY effect is a three-dimensional photographic realism obtained from various images of the same object taken from different angles. THE objects within an image are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective. Unlike 2-dimensional design, using this lenticular effect allows graphics to appear more realistic.


FLIP Effect

A dramatic swapping of two images-each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another. This lenticular flip effect consists of 2 or 3 individual images which alternate when a single movement is made to change the optical angle and it is most beneficial for demonstrating “cause-and-effect” or even “before-and-after” comparisons.

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